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Micropollutants, UWWTD

Treatment of Micropollutants

Zymatic treatment solution that focuses on treatment of Micropollutants that are listed by EU Urban Wastewater treatment Directive (UWWTD).

Example of compounds included in the tests

17 beta-estradiol​, Amisulpride​, Azithromycin​, Benzotriazole​, Bisphenol A​, Candesartan​, Carbamazepine​, Citalopram​, Clarithromycin​, Diclofenac​, Erythromycin​, Estrone​, Ethinyl-Estradiole​, Hydrochlorothiazide​, Ibuprofen​, Irbesartan​, 4-/5-Methylbenzotriazole​, Metoprolol​, Primodone​, Sulfamethoxazole​, Triclosan​, Venlafaxine​


High performance in various water- and process environments


Low energy operations using
Nature´s catalysts


The solution can be scaled to almost any treatment needs

Product details
Specifications of Zymatic Sand
How to use

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