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Unlock the power of Enzymes

Discover enzyme-based water treatment solutions. Use in municipal or industry settings to achieve cost-efficient, simple and sustainable water treatment

Treatment of unwanted chemical compounds in waste- and processwater environments

Treatment of Micropollutants (UWTTD) at municipal wastewater treatment plants

Replace chemicals and energy-intense technologies with enzymes
Enzymes are catalysts and can replace many chemicals that are used in water- and wastewater treatment. As catalysts, they do not need any energy to be fully functional and help you accelerate towards new sustainability goals.

Treatment made possible by excellence in enzyme immobilization

NEXUS is the immobilization platform used to make water treatment with enzymes feasible. Using NEXUS the overall costs are reduced for immobilizing enzymes or other proteins. The sand-like platform allows for easy to use operations in almost any MMF unit.

Do you already know what treatment solution you need?

Enzyme-based treatment solutions can be used for various treatment needs. If you already know what treatment solution you need or what compound you want to treat don´t hesitate to take contact with us.

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