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Tag-free covalent immobilization of enzymes. 

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Tag-free, general and covalent

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Your Enzymes

Nexus introduces a versatile and collaborative approach to enzyme immobilization, allowing other companies to utilize their own enzymes effectively. This empowers businesses across diverse industries to harness the benefits of enzyme technology while maintaining the flexibility to work with their preferred enzyme sources. 

With our in-house knowledge, we have the flexibility to fine-tune the biocatalyst's performance, ensuring it meets the unique requirements of each project.


General Immobilization

Nexus by Zymatic offers an approach to enzyme immobilization that offers a universal solution suitable for a wide range of enzymes. With a tag-free covalent approach, most enzymes can be immobilized in a cost-efficient way.

By providing a universal platform for enzyme immobilization, Nexus simplifies the enzyme modification process. It offers a solution that adapts to the enzyme's unique properties, promoting greater compatibility and broader applicability. This approach eliminates the need for specialized immobilization methods for different enzymes, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.


Industrially Scalable

Nexus is positioned as a go-to solution for companies looking to harness the benefits of enzyme immobilization on an industrial scale.


Its scalability, robustness, and cost-efficiency make it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and practical approach to enzyme immobilization in large-scale production. Whether in pharmaceuticals, biofuels, or other industries, Nexus is prepared to meet the challenges of industrially scalable production with ease.

With the generic approach for immobilization, most enzymes can be immobilized and used on industrial scale.

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