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Tag-free and generic immobilization of enzymes and other proteins

With our streamlined processes you can use NEXUS to immobilize enzymes and other proteins. Already ready for large-scale production your new enzymatic product is ready for larger pilots or installation at customer site

Your enzymes or proteins, our immobilization platform

Nexus introduces a versatile and collaborative approach to enzyme immobilization, allowing other companies to utilize their own enzymes effectively.


This empowers businesses across diverse industries to harness the benefits of enzyme technology while maintaining the flexibility to work with their preferred enzyme sources. ​ With our in-house knowledge, we have the flexibility to fine-tune the biocatalyst's performance, ensuring it meets the unique requirements of each project.

Unlock new potential for your existing enzymes or proteins

We offer an approach to enzyme immobilization that promises an universal solution suitable for a wide range of proteins. With a tag-free covalent approach, most enzymes and other proteins can be immobilized in a cost-efficient way. ​


By providing a universal platform for enzyme immobilization, we simplify the modification process and transfer to an immobilized state. It offers a solution that adapts to the enzyme's unique properties, promoting greater compatibility and broader applicability. This approach eliminates the need for specialized immobilization methods for different enzymes, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

Reach new goals with our go-to immobilization platform

We guide you through all steps to finalize your product

Simple to use

Zero energy

Flexible treatment mechanism

Discover the endless possibilities using enzymes

Zymatic offers industry solutions to many problem areas found in an industry setting and covers everything from effluent treatment or ups-stream treatment of problematic organic compounds.


Existing standard solutions focuses on more common challenges, where tailored solution, using the full potential of the Nexus platform, focus on finding solutions where other technologies may lack in performances or is not feasible by other reasons

Do you already know what protein you want to immobilize?

Enzyme-based treatment solutions can be used for various treatment needs. If you already know what treatment solution you need or what compound you want to treat don´t hesitate to take contact with us.

Take a look at some of our standard industry solutions

Some treatment solutions have been fully establishes as standard solutions

Treatment of Phenols

Treatment of 1,4-Dioxane

Treatment of Antibiotics

Treatment of Aldehydes (Generic)

Treatment of Formaldehyde

Treatment of Bisphenols

Prepared for large-scale production already from start

Nexus is positioned as a go-to solution for companies looking to harness the benefits of enzyme immobilization on an industrial scale.


Its scalability, robustness, and cost-efficiency make it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and practical approach to enzyme immobilization in large-scale production. Whether in pharmaceuticals, biofuels, or other industries, Nexus is prepared to meet the challenges of industrially scalable production with ease.

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