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Zymatic is used for both broad and targeted treatment of unwanted organic pollutants. Here are a small selection of projects

Zymatic Urban 

A cost- energy-efficient treatment technology to remove pharmaceutical pollutants from water

Pharem Biotech brings to market Zymatic - the first patented enzyme-carrying filtration system capable of removing a large range of organic pollutants (pharmaceuticals and other biological active compounds such as bisphenol A, antibiotics, hormone disruptors, etc.).


Zymatic is a treatment solution that can be easily installed at most of wastewater treatment facilities. Its compact size makes it particularly useful for urban wastewater treatment plants.


Zymatic is based on modified enzymes which are 200 times more effective than native enzymes, resistant to low temperature, resistant to low pH and with high levels of stability and activity. Compared to alternative purification methods, Zymaticis very cost-efficient, and requires no energy to run.

Zymatic Urban

Reaching net-neutral wastewater treatment of micropollutants in municipal wastewater treatment plants

The project aims to demonstrate the energy efficiency of using Zymatic Urban for treating micropollutants in wastewater. Zymatic is a proven and already-used technology that employs enzymes to break down micropollutants.

By comparing the energy consumption of Zymatic with other traditional methods, the project aims to showcase the superiority of Zymatic in terms of energy efficiency.


The project will also highlight the benefits of using Zymatic technology, such as its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and effectiveness in removing micropollutants.

Zymatic Industry Tailored Solution

Adaption of Zymatic for Release of Nitrogen from Nicotinamide and 3-Cyanopyridin

Effluent water containing targeted unwanted organic compounds with high Nitrogen content. 

The project shows high efficiency of Zymatic for release of nitrogen, which is wanted from the customer to improve discharge limits and treatment capbabilities


Together with our customer we are always looking to use Zymatic in the best possible way for treatment of unwanted organic compounds


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