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We solve complex water challenges

We use our deep knowledge about enzymes and our established platform technology to find simple solutions to your complex water treatment challenges.

Our goal is to support our customers by offering flexible wastewater treatment solutions to remove identified organic pollutants. Zymatic is based on enzymes immobilized on a sand-like material. By incorporating different enzyme-types, water treatment can be performed using several reaction mechanisms. The sand-like material enables applications at various water flows, scales and environments.

Water is essential for life and its quality affects wildlife, our food sources, and the human health. The constant pollution of our waters from pharmaceutical residues or other harmful organic substances are directly connected to many of the most severe environmental and sustainability issues raised by international organizations today. These areas usually require impractical and expensive solutions and prevent the progress of improvement. The need for finding simple and cost-effective solutions to solve complex issues concerning water pollution is evident. To solve these challenges, Pharem brings a unique technology and new solutions to the market. Our solutions offers simple and cost-effective applications with high efficiency and safe implementation. With the disruptive products and an active market we look brightly on a future where we can be part of building a more sustainable society.


Use our standard modules for faster installations

Using a simplified modularity and a plug-and-play system, a low cost solution can be presented within a couple of weeks.

With an overall low CapEx investment, the cost per treated volume of water is kept below industry standard.


Use the standard zymatic sand and optimise treatment

Using the standard version of the zymatic sand, the installation is adapted to existing infrastructure and prerequisites.

The cost per treated volume is optimised to ensure a stable and healthy cost structure.


Customised treatment for
specific industry needs

Use of customised zymatic sand to treat customer-specific process water streams. Suitable for both industrial and municipal water treatment with specific needs.


Discover the true flexibility of Zymatic´s platform technology.

Management Team


Martin Ryen

Chief Executive Officer

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Christian Ryen

Chief Operational Officer

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Maria Humble

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Chief Technology Officer