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Unlock the power of Nature
The worlds most flexible treatment technology

Winner of  Circular Economy and Preventing Ocean Pollution

Selected as Top 3 in EU Commissions EU TOP 50 

Global Winner of more than 540 tech companies

Industrialization through 3 MEUR EU-Project

Zymatic is an acknowledged and validated technology. Over the years it has received several recognitions, awards and funding for its achievements using enzymes for treatment of organic pollutants.

Recent news

Enzyme-based treatment

Tailored for specific needs

Combining enzyme mixtures with immobilization technology, Zymatic offers efficient treatment of organic pollutants in various type of water environments

Our Partners

Together with various partners, Zymatic offers the most flexible treatment technology on the market. Enzyme-based treatment solutions are scalebale, flexible and can be tailored for specific needs. The constellation of Partners assure high quality installation, operation, distribution and great overall customer experience

Some Projects & Customers

Zymatic offers enzyme-based treatment on for both municipal treatment facilities and industries. Projects and customers are found all over the world and in various sizes

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