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Ready to deploy pilot units for treatment of unwanted organic compounds

For all Zymatic´s standard solutions, we offer existing MFF pilot units that can deploy at any time. Together with our partners we provide various sized units to fit your specific needs, service & operation personnel, sampling equipment and analysis

Pilot Design and Sizing

Zymatic offers pilot packages for easy piloting of enzyme based treatment solutions. The pilots includes operations, monitoring and Zymatic sand deliveries that are adjusted for the targeted treatment. The pilots are sized based on EBCT required to meet performances for the Zymatic Solution and what flow-rate you would like to cover during the pilot.

Pilot Units: SMALL

Several pilots can be designed to take on a smaller flow-rate. These pilot units ranges from 50L to 500L Zymatic Sand volume. Suitable for industry pilots or small units for industry or municipal WWTPs

0,2-20 m3/day

Target flow-rate for smaller sized pilot units

Column design

Most pilot units are designed as column-units

Pilot Units: LARGE

Larger Pilots is often designed with possibilities to transfer to full-scale installations. Using existing MMF concepts such as DynaSand a much larger flow can be covered. 

Designed for your needs

Scaled to fit the flow and volumes you need

Column Design

We use well-known MFF column designs

Treatment made possible by excellence in enzyme immobilization

NEXUS is the immobilization platform used to make water treatment with enzymes feasible. Using NEXUS the overall costs are reduced for immobilizing enzymes or other proteins. The sand-like platform allows for easy to use operations in almost any MMF unit.

Discover the endless possibilities using enzymes

Zymatic offers industry solutions to many problem areas found in an industry setting and covers everything from effluent treatment or ups-stream treatment of problematic organic compounds.


Existing standard solutions focuses on more common challenges, where tailored solution, using the full potential of the Nexus platform, focus on finding solutions where other technologies may lack in performances or is not feasible by other reasons

Do you already know what treatment solution you need?

Enzyme-based treatment solutions can be used for various treatment needs. If you already know what treatment solution you need or what compound you want to treat don´t hesitate to take contact with us.

Select Standard Solution

Identify the existing effluent conditions, site requirements and desired treatment performance. Zymatic supports all customers to identify the necessary key data to select suitable pilot setup.

Zymatic offers free treatment evaluations for all projects. The purpose of the evaluation is to gather information of the treatment goals and the process/water.


  • Targeted compounds

  • PH

  • Temp

  • Flowrates

  • others

Get started with a flow test to scale and design your pilot

Test the performance of Zymatic Standard Solutions on the targeted water. The column-system is set up for 24h flow test and gathers initial data for further piloting. Sampling and analysis is set up according to pre-defined specifications​


We guide you through the entire piloting project

Our team of experts consists of project managers, enzyme treatment experts and process engineers. We help you evaluate, design and tailor a pilot that will let you reach new treatment goals

Review pilot alternatives

Using Zymatic sand , a pilot can be scaled and tailored to almost any needs. From the input and your preferences, a cost estimate is made


Zymatic supports all customers to estimate and calculate valuable parameters.




  • Treatment strategy

  • Pilot design

  • Cost estimations

  • Others

Select piloting strategy

Decide on piloting plan and get the most out of the pilot. We help with pilot planning, operational campaigns, sampling plans and much more.

Zymatic supports all customers to select a pilot strategy that helps you create a good basis for further deciding on full-scale installations


  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Sampling plans

  • Analysis

  • Others

Installation and operations

The pilot system is installed according to  strategy and finetuned to find best possible price / performance. Dependent on preferences, the installation can be designed to be directly transferred to full-scale installation

Zymatic collaborate with several partners for both installation, operation and distribution.

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