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Tailored Solutions

Use the full capacity of Zymatic to tailor a solution for your specific needs

Unwanted organic compounds is a normal occurring problem. With Zymatic and enzyme-based treatment you can adapt the enzyme mixture towards specific needs to reach new goals and solve challenges connected to your site, process or treatment plant.

A tailored solution created in 2 steps

The steps taken to full-scale installations are divided into 2 steps. Zymatic Sand is first adapted to the targeted compounds and process/stream needs. After this, the pilot is conducted to further fine-tune the treatment solution on site.

Internal Pilot: Zymatic Sand Adaption

The Zymatic solution is tailored to customers needs through enzyme selection, EBCT and Bed-life testing. The treatment solution is thoroughly tested by flow-tests for best possible scale-up and piloting on site. 

Tailored Treatment

Targeting unwanted organic compounds

Scalable Solution

Once tailored it can be scaled to any flow and need

External Pilot: On-site Finetuning

Based on customer requirements, an on site pilot is designed, planned and conducted to fine-tune the treatment solutions before full-scale installation. 

Designed for your needs

All external pilots can be scaled to fit your needs

Column Design

We use well-known MFF column designs

Overcome challenges and unlock new potential

Zymatic offers a platform to find solutions to many problem areas found in an industry setting and covers everything from effluent treatment or up-stream treatment of problematic organic compounds.


Using the full potential of Zymatic, we help you find solutions where other technologies may lack in performances or is not feasible by other reasons

Discover the endless possibilities using enzymes

Zymatic offers industry solutions to many problem areas found in an industry setting and covers everything from effluent treatment or ups-stream treatment of problematic organic compounds.


Existing standard solutions focuses on more common challenges, where tailored solution, using the full potential of the Nexus platform, focus on finding solutions where other technologies may lack in performances or is not feasible by other reasons

Do you already know what treatment solution you need?

Enzyme-based treatment solutions can be used for various treatment needs. If you already know what treatment solution you need or what compound you want to treat don´t hesitate to take contact with us.

Treatability Evaluation

Zymatic offers free treatment evaluations for all projects. The purpose of the evaluation is to gather information of the treatment goals and the process/water.


The information is used to evaluate if we believe Zymatic is a goo solution for your specific needs. Our initial goal is to identify one or more enzymes that will achieve the treatment goals. The evaluation is carried out using several years of combined knowledge about enzyme discovery, development and general bio catalysis. With the use of Zymatic´s methods almost any organic compound can be targeted for treatment.


  • Targeted compounds

  • PH

  • Temp

  • Flowrates

  • others

Treatment made possible by excellence in enzyme immobilization

NEXUS is the immobilization platform used to make water treatment with enzymes feasible. Using NEXUS the overall costs are reduced for immobilizing enzymes or other proteins. The sand-like platform allows for easy to use operations in almost any MMF unit.

We guide you through the entire customization process

Our team of experts consists of project managers, enzyme treatment experts and process engineers. We help you evaluate, design and tailor a solution that will let you reach new treatment goals

Internal Pilot: Zymatic Sand Adaption

The Zymatic sand is adapted to the treatment goal and process/water detailed in the treatment profile.


In this step enzymes are selected and immobilized to the material to create a tailored and efficient treatment solution. The Zymatic sand is tested in flow to verify the performance and to start fine-tuning it before installing it in a larger pilot system.



  • Enzyme mixtures

  • Process conditions

  • Performance fine-tuning

  • Validation/pilot testing

  • Others

External pilot: On-site Fine-tuning

The on-site pilot is designed and installed according to your requirements. Once the pilot is in place the system parameters are additionally fine-tuned to find best possible price/performance. ​The systems is installed with generic monitoring such as flow-rates, pH and temperature. All sampling and performance analysis is carried out according to pre-defined plan.


  • System Design

  • Treatment fine-tuning

  • Operations & Maintenance

  • Best price / Performance

  • Others

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