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Example of a column that was designed based on need. The small column contains a bag-filter and the larger column contains the zymatic sand

The world's most flexible water treatment is available to all industries

Choose  the INDUSTRY™ solution to discover the full treatment potential of Zymatic's platform technology.

The Zymatic enzyme technology can be designed to perform customer specific treatment. The installation is designed based on customer specific site requirements.

Zymatic sand is an enzyme-integrated sand-like granulate that is simple and easy to use and maintain.

  • Advanced treatment of most organic compounds

  • Meet specific treatment needs

  • Predefined total OPEX

  • All-purpose service agreement for smooth operations

  • Modular and scalable solution

  • Suits all industries that have challenging organic compounds in process water streams


Tailored treatment


Low OpEx


High performance

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Customised to process

The target Customer process conditions, treatment goals and requirements are initially identified to obtain an efficient customised treatment step for installation.

Most organic substance can be treated

Targeted treatment and material

Adapt the zymatic sand using core  development parameters. Full adaption towards process and needs.

Discover the true power of Zymatic's platform technology

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Achieve treatment goals

The treatment step is  specifically designed to achieve the defined tretament goals. It is integrated in the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

Embrace the simplicity of using zymatic sand


  • Active Pharmacuetical Ingredients

  • Aliphatics - short chained and chlorinated

  • Antibiotics

  • Chlorobenzenes

  • Flame retardants

  • Herbicides

  • Ionic liquids

  • Monocyclic hydrocarbons and heterocycles (HC)

  • Nitrosamines

  • Organic solvents

  • Organic intermediates

  • Personal care products (PCPs)

  • Pesticides

  • Phenols

  • Phthalate acid esters/plasticisers

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls, naphthalenes, dioxins and furans (PCBs)

  • Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

  • Sterols, stanols and estrogens

  • Surfactants

  • Triaryl/alkyl phosphate ester

  • ... and more

Compound groups

  • Removal of challenging organic pollutants

  • Removal of targeted organic compounds

  • TOC-removal to reduce discharge limit

  • N-tot removal to reduce discharge limits

  • Increase biodegradibility of targeted organic compounds

  • Water treatment cost optimization (replace existing technologies)

  • Increase general water treatment perfotmances

  • Increase production limits

  • Optimise prouduction line and margins

General Treatment objectives

Standard Installation Process

We guide your company to install the tailored treatment step

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The first step of adapting the zymatic sand towards a certain need is to create and evaluate a treatment profile. A treatment profile maps the targeted treatment and normally includes targeted organic compounds, pH, temperatures, flow etc.


Enzymes are selected based on the information gained from the treatment profile. The selected enzymes are evaluated experimentally to remove the target contaminants in both controlled and target process environments.


The selected enzymes are immobilized to a silica-based material. Using various enzyme immobilization techniques, the adapted zymatic sand is further optimised against the process environment and performance requirements.


The treatment step is designed and scaled to meet the performance parameters. The sand-like material allows for simple designs of column-, bed- or in-tank solutions.


The treatment step is installed and tested at the industrial facility. The performance is fine-tuned to offer best possible performance and cost levels.


The treatment step is fully handed over to the service organization and operated according to the set maintenance plan. Performance and operations are monitored.


Some  insights from the Zymatic team

Can we perform several treatment steps with the INDUSTRY™ solution?

The INDUSTRY™ solution allows you to create a treatment step for every specific treatment challenge. Different process streams, with different treatment profiles, are often treated most efficiently if the treatment takes place separately.

Can we scale up the treatment volume if needed?

We design the treatment step based on the daily or the expected process flow. Because of the sand-like material, the scaling process is very simple. If the installed treatment step needs to be increased, a column or bed according to the existing design can be added.