The world's most flexible water treatment technology uses enzymes

With unbeatable cost for water treatment, Zymatic creates high efficiency treatment solutions based on enzyme technology.

Treatment of unwanted organic compounds in municipal effluents and industrial process waters can easily be scaled by applying zymatic sand to treatment plants of different size.

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Use our standard modules for faster installations

Using a simplified modularity and a plug-and-play system, a low cost solution can be presented within a couple of weeks.

With an overall low CapEx investment, the cost per treated volume of water is kept below industry standard.


Use the standard zymatic sand for optimised treatment

Using the standard version of the zymatic sand, the installation is adapted to existing infrastructure and prerequisites.

The cost per treated volume is optimised to ensure a stable and healthy cost structure.


Customised treatment for specific industry needs

Use of customised zymatic sand to treat customer-specific process water streams. Suitable for both industrial and municipal water treatment with specific needs.


Discover the true flexibility of Zymatic´s platform technology.

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We guide you to choose a zymatic solution

Create treatment profile

All solutions are reviewed based on the existing conditions in the process or effluent water

We identify the existing effluent or process conditions to review opportunities on the existing site. The implementation strategy is based on knowledge of water conditions, site prerequisites and desired performance requirements.

Zymatic supports all customers in identifying the necessary key data to ensure that the zymatic treatment step provides the most value in terms of cost, performance, and operation.

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Review treatment alternatives

The technology enables scalability and adaptability to fit into existing infrastructure

With the zymatic sand, we can scale and adapt the performance of the treatment. Parameters, such as flow capacity and residence time, are valued against cost and performance.


Using the treatment profile, an initial estimate of costs and performance levels can be made. Zymatic supports all customers to estimate and calculate valuable parameters.

Select treatment strategy

Select a SMART, PRO or INDUSTRY water treatment solution

Whether your installation needs a plug-and-play, an optimised or a customised solution, the installed treatment step is designed or selected accordingly.

Our Zymatic team guides our customers to choose a treatment strategy based on the facility's conditions, performance and cost requirements.

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Installation and Follow-up

Installation, start-up, and follow-up of the treatment step

The treatment step is installed by qualified personnel and according to a decided strategy. Maintenance according to the agreed maintenance schedule starts as soon as the zymatic sand has been added to the system.

Within the decided OpEx, Zymatic offers performance analysis and system service. In addition, Zymatic provides other services such as sampling, analysis and much more.


Some insights from the Zymatic team

Can enzymes be applied to treat any organic compound?

Yes, in principle there is at least one enzyme adapted for every natural organic compound. In addition, enzymes can target non-natural synthetic (xenobiotic) compounds and reactions (compounds or chemical transformations that are new to Nature). Enzymes are also evolving naturally to target non-natural organic synthetic and industrial chemicals (compounds that are new to Nature). In addition, new enzyme activities can be developed in the laboratory by directed evolution, by mimicking the natural evolution mechanism. At Zymatic we utilize this knowledge to offer a water treatment technology to remove or decompose various organic compounds at water- and process conditions.

How is the SMARTsolution integrated or installed at our wasterwater treatment plant?

The business model enables the plug-and-play system to be installed at no or very low costs. The solution is installed according to an agreed OPEX and service agreement, which will cover all related costs. The facility should allocate certain costs connected to the installation process.

Can I combine the Zymatic solutions with other treatment technologies?

Yes. The Zymatic treatment solutions can be combined with various pre- and post-treatment steps. To reach a certain performance and cost requirement for the water treatment, various combinations can be suggested.

Can we use your standard equipment for my INDUSTRY solutions?

Yes. It is possible to use existing standard equipment in customised treatment solutions and it can reduce the overall costs.