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Enzyme Mixtures

For broad or specific treatment


Attach the power of enzymes to the surface of natural materials. Select the treatment mechanism you need

Key Platform Areas
Enzyme Development

Enzymes are natural and biological catalysts that exists in all living organisms. Enzymes have been developed over billions of years to break down organic compounds.


Nature can degrade almost any organic compound, it´s just about meeting the right enzyme. Zymatic uses its platform to find the right enzymes for the intended use. The right enzyme mixture is concentrated, so that the natural degradation reaction happens in minutes, rather than days, weeks, months or even years. 

Material Development

The sand-like material is selected based on its particle size, surface chemistry, and other parameters. By applying materials having larges surface areas and porosity, the contact time between the pollutant compounds in the water and the enzymes is increased.

Zymatic has been working with many materials over the years and thereby gained the knowledge of how to select materials based on the treatment profile.

Our materials are also selected based on their overall environmental performance. The materials can be reactivated, sent to landfill, or even used in various productions of other products after the water treatment.


Zymatic has developed enzyme immobilization methods suitable for different material types and different material surface modifications.


The applied immobilization methods give high enzyme loadings and a prolonged life-length of the immobilized enzymes

By immobilizing enzyme mixtures to a sand-like material ensures that the solution reuses the enzymes for every new volume water. This makes enzyme-based water treatment solutions scalable, energy-independent, and cost-efficient.

Our customers

Broad application

Our Partners

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Treatment Solutions

Zymatic offers treatment solutions for both municipal WWTPs and industry processes and wastewater. The plattform allows for both broad or specified treatment. It´s about using the right enzyme mixture.

Zymatic SMART

 Pug-And-Play OMP treatment for municipal wastewater treatment plants. 

Standardised and tailored treatment for specific industry needs. Target any unwanted orgnaic compound

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