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With focus on highlighted problematic pollutants, Zymatic SMART for OMP treatment offers high average treatment

High average treatment

Zymatic SMART modules are installed and adjusted to site specific parameters and effluent water quality

Adjusted to perform

Best price / performance

Once installed, Zymatic offers adjustments in residence time to find best possible price / performance for the site


Adjusted to WWTP effluent

Best price

best pricing / performance

Simple design

Plug-and-play modules


Adaptive OMP treatment for municipal wastewater treatment plants

Simple design gives a plug-and-play installation opportunity. Get started with the pilot without lengthy prospecting.


SMART Piloting

Select a Zymatic pilot
Create treatment profile

Identify the existing effluent conditions, site requirements and desired treatment performance.

Zymatic supports all customers to identify the necessary key data to select suitable pilot setup.

Using Zymatic sand , a pilot can be scaled and tailored to almost any needs. From the input, a cost estimate are made.


Zymatic supports all customers to estimate and calculate valuable parameters.

Review pilot alternatives

Decide on piloting setup. Get tailored solutions or use one of the standard pilot packages

Zymatic supports all customers to select a pilot strategy creating basis for decision for full-scale installations

Select piloting strategy

The pilot system is installed according to  strategy and finetuned to find best possible price / performance

Zymatic collaborate with several partners for both installation, operation and distribution.

Installation and operations
Our Partners

Combined expertise

Pilot packages

Zymatic offers pilot packages for easy piloting of enzyme based treatment solutions. The pilots includes operations, monitoring and zymatic sand deliveries that are adjusted for the targeted treatment.

SMART Pilot - Small 

An OMP treatment pilot focusing on a smaller flow and operations


0,2 m3/h

System design


System design



5 m3/h

An OMP treatment pilot focusing on a larger flow and operations

SMART Pilot - Large

Small and Large pilot packages ready to be installed. See relevant specifications.

Pilot specifications

SMART Piloting

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