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Easy and accessible water treatment of organic micropollutants for WWTPs


Select the SMART™ solution to access the simplicity of the standardised zymatic sand

The Zymatic enzyme treatment technology is utilised in a plug-and-play concept, which allows organic micropollutant removal at low costs.

The number of SMART™ modules is scaled to fit your facility flow. The modules are usually offered free of charge to minimise CapEx impact.

  • Advanced treatment to remove pharmaceutical residues and other organic micropollutants

  • Suitable for small and medium sized wastewater treatment plants

  • Predefined total OPEX

  • All-purpose service agreement for smooth operations

  • Modular and scalable solution

  • Installed directly on existing effluent or in combination with sand-filtration

  • Short time from order to installed treatment



Very low CapEx


Low OpEx



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Modular system

Design your treatment step based on Zymatic´s already existing module concept.

The columns and modules are at very low cost independent on installation.

Scale to purpose

Scale the installation to fit the site overall treatment goals using the standard zymatic sand

Simplified scaling for cost vs. performance optimisation.

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Prepare the site for installation and plug in the modules. Start-up at any time.

Let the enzymes carry out the treatment by passing the water through the zymatic sand

General Performance

Average performance in various water qualities*

*Average performances are measured using the standard zymatic sand with ~10 min residence time.


Some  insights from the Zymatic team

What sizes are available for the SMART™ modules ?

SMART™ comes in three standard module sizes; 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot modules. The modules can be used as single modules or placed in series and/or in parallel. The number of modules needed for your site is based on the daily flow and performance requirements.

What effluent quality is recommended for treatment of OMP?

SMART™ have been tested on various effluent qualities such as  post-sedimentation to disc-filtration.  Higher effluent quality leads to increased treatment performance. Adding SMART™ after a sand-filtration will yield better performances than adding SMARTafter a post-sedimentation step.