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OMP water treatment with cost and performance optimisation


Select the PRO™ solution to access the full potential of the standardised zymatic sand

The enzyme technology allows for a WWTP to design the installation for an optimised treatment performance and cost relationship.

With known parameters, with respect to zymatic sand, the system is designed to minimise operating costs, energy consumption and to achieve the highest possible treatment within the targeted cost framework.

  • Advanced treatment and control of pharmaceutical residues and other OMPs

  • Suitable for all sized wastewater treatment plants

  • Design into existing and new infrastructure for cost and performance optimisation

  • All-purpose service agreement for smooth operations

  • Low energy treatment step

  • Short time from order to installed treatment


Low CapEx


Low OpEx


High performance

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Based on site parameters

The treatment step is planned based on the site's conditions and certain design parameters

All sites can install OMP-treatment. Its a matter of identifying key parameters

Design the treatment step

Use the zymatic sand core parameters to design a cost-efficient treatment step meeting industry standards

The sand-like material suit many types of effluents, beginning at post-sedimentation

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Ensure an optimised treatment

Scale the installation to fit the site overall cost and treatment goals. 

Simplified scaling for both cost and performance optimisation.

General Performance

Average performance in various effluent water qualities*

*Average performances are measured using the standard zymatic sand with ~10 min residence time.


Some  insights from the Zymatic team

Will we get support from Zymatic if we decide on the PRO™ solution?

Yes, whenever a customer decided on designing a Zymatic Pro treatment step, a support team will be allocated to the project. The support team consists of experts on the zymatic sand, process design and much more. 

Can we use existing infrastructure and add Zymatic PRO™ as a treatment step?

The PRO™ solution uses the standard version zymatic sand. The sand-like material can be used in both bed and column solutions. If your site has existing infrastructure that supports the zymatic sand, it should be considered.