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Future-proofed treatment steps 

The advanced water treatment technology is connected to the zymatic sand

All products are using the zymatic sand. The version of the zymatic can be upgraded version at any time and is independent of the installation and applied equipment. Technology advancements benefits all customer installations.


The streamlined manufacturing process of the zymatic sand allows for upgrades to be applied to the material within the next production batch. The upgrades can either be a better enzyme mix, increased immobilization efficiency or others.

This approach allows us to offer a constantly upgrading treatment step that increases the overall performance of the installed system. In addition, future treatment needs in can be planed and prepared for.


All is achieved without need for our customers to invest in costly equippment.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Zymatic sand material provides stable OMP performance over time

Zymatic provides two solutions for municipal wastewater treatment plants; SMART  and  PRO 


SMART™ is an easy-to-install concept that delivers efficient treatment of organic pollutants in a compact and predefined module setup. These modules suit small- and medium sized WWTPs.


PRO  is offered to all treatment plants to be designed in new or existing infrastructure. The concept creates an optimised treatment step and ensures even lower costs and higher performance.

Both solutions use a standardised version of the zymatic sand, which has a broad effect on OMP.


Key aspects

Advantages of using SMART and PRO on municipal WWTPs


Treatment of OMPs


Low total OpEx


Low CapEx for any installation


Continuous upgrades

Industrial applications

The zymatic sand is adapted to fully meet the specific treatment profile of an industrial process or water stream.

Zymatic offers a very flexible solution for industrial customers in need of treatment of specific organic substances; INDUSTRY


The INDUSTRY  concept applies unique zymatic sand solutions based on customer-specific treatment profiles. The unique zymatic sand solution contains carefully selected enzymes incorporated into a suitable material.


The established platform technology results in a very efficient water treatment at a low operating cost for all industries.

The system design can either use Zymatic's existing module concepts or be designed according to customers' specific needs. The zymatic sand material is easy to use and follows the same principle as other sand-like treatment units.


Key aspects

Advantages of using INDUSTRY  solution


Treatment of polluting  compounds


Reduces the cost of waste management


Discharge limit optimisation


Production optimisation


Some insights from the Zymatic team

How do we install the SMART solution at our facility?

The SMART solution is based on a predefined modular system that is scaled according to purpose based on needs. Select the number of modules needed and connect them to the existing outflow. The devices use standard connections and are turnkey solutions. Our technicians and industry partners control the installation.

What is the difference between the SMART and PRO solutions?

The SMART solution is a predefined modular system that is scaled by adjusting the number of modules. This solution is suitable for small and medium-sized treatment plants that aim to start OMP treatment without large CapEx budgets.

The PRO solution is aimed at all treatment plants in the phase of designing a new OMP treatment step. The zymatic team will support the design of the treatment step to optimise long-term performance and costs.

How can I request a quote on an INDUSTRY solution?

Contact someone in our sales team and we will guide you through the process.  Initially, a treatment profile should be established. The sales team can help to arrange this. After reviewing the need, a strategy can be selected, and an order established.

Which industries are looking for the  INDUSTRY solution?

INDUSTRY solutions are developed based on our customers' needs. The specific objectives of the treatment step may vary between customers. One goal of the treatment step is to reduce the amount of polluting organic compounds in outgoing process water in order to achieve environmental goals and emission limits. For example, we have worked with various customers to achieve COD reduction, total nitrogen reduction, treatment of specific organic compounds and increased biodegradability.